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Come meet your friendly neighborhood scientists! Three researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine will discuss what they are doing in the lab to advance the scientific frontier in immunology research.

Up first, Talia Mota will present "HIV cure: Captain of the Immunological Space Ship". Talia will describe her work looking at a type of cell in the immune system (called a “T cell”) and how it identifies and attacks HIV infection. Her work has important implications towards developing a cure for HIV.

Next, Xin Li will present “Exploring gut (fungal mycobiome)-lung allergy crosstalk”. The microbiome is the world of symbiotic fungi and bacteria in the gut. By experimentally changing the microbiome in mice, Xin explores the link between the microbiome and lung diseases like asthma.

To conclude, Sanda Mimouna will discuss her work related to neuroinflammation.

All are welcome, we hope to see you there!

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