Wilhem Leconet

Wilhem Leconet received his PhD degree in Oncology and Immunotherapy in 2014 at the Institute of Research in Cancer of Montpellier (IRCM, France). During his PhD, he studied the signaling and antibody-based therapeutic targeting of AXL tyrosine kinase receptor in pancreatic and breast cancer. Then, he joined the Research Department of MedinCell (France) where he designed polymeric formulations of therapeutic proteins and peptides for sustained delivery. In 2015, he joined the group of Pr. Neil H. Bander (Weill Cornell Medicine, Urology Department, NYC, USA) as Postdoctoral Fellow. His research is currently focused on the design of bispecific antibodies and antibody-enzyme conjugates for therapeutic application in prostate cancer. He is also leading a collaborative research project between MedinCell and Pr. Bander lab, testing the combination of small antibody fragments with long acting injectable polymer-based vehicles for controlled drug-delivery. Dr. Wilhem Leconet is also Academic Collaboration Coordinator at MedinCell (France).

What does being a scientist mean to Wilhem?

"Rigorous, meticulous, concise, dedicated and creative are to me the keywords to become a good scientist. Science is complex and a single question can lead to many answers, so a scientist has to be able to stay open to changes and innovation, to sometimes reconsider his theories and always be able to present its results pedagogically to any people, from the scientific community or not. Moreover, scientist is not just a job, it’s a way of analyzing things around and try to find the most accurate way to explain them. That’s why we never have to forget that the term PhD means “Doctor of Philosophy" and a scientist can use his knowledge and skills in front of any existing phenomenon."

What does Wilhem do outside of lab?

"I am a long distance runner, which help me clear my mind and focus on my pace. I also enjoy going to music concerts (progressive rock and electro) to evacuate the stress and follow the vibes of progressive songs and discuss with friends."

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wilhem-leconet/

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