Manhattan's Next Top Model Organism

December 3, 2019


Get to know the real stars of the research show as four researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine will discuss the model organisms they use to conduct their cutting edge research. First, Spike Postnikoff will rise up to the task of discussing Yeast as a model organism. Swimming in next is Renuka Raman to represent the use of Zebrafish in research. Next up, you won’t need a microscope to see the impact that cells developed into Cerebral Organoids have on advancing research as we know it, presented by Mike Notaras. Finally, squeaking in to bring home the event, Divya Bhatia will talk about the versatility of transgenic mice. The event will conclude with a panel-style Q&A about the relevance of these models and how they are used in research.

In the news:

November 20, 2019, Blog article in the Roosevelt Islander Online